Mabinogi, Episode 2 of The Saga: Iria is here


Nexon has just released the second episode of The Saga: Iria for its open world 3D MMORPG Mabinogi, which will further expand the game's intriguing storyline.

In episode two of The Saga, “Hero’s Return: The Trap” players meets up with Millia, who is distraught and furious with them for abandoning her teacher.  The player convinces Millia to let them accompany her as they head to Karu Forest Ruins to find Akule's charm and possibly Akule himself.  A letter from Akule leads them to a spot where they are ambushed by demons. Players try to resist becoming demons again, but are attacked once more by the Black Dragon.  In the chaos, Ruairi appears to save Millia from the ruins, while players find Shamala and help her escape just as the ruins are destroyed.

Source of information: Nexon press release

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