Luvinia Online is going to start its Open Beta on September 7

Luvinia Online is going to start its Open beta on September 7.

The world of Luvinia beckons players into a realm where humans, orcs, gnomes and dwarves once co-existed in peace; however, destiny never stands still. The stars that once shined brightly over the humans now fade as the hearts of the other races turn against them. With the help of the Victoria Institute, heroes from across the land will challenge fate to take up their weapons and fight for their land against treacherous invaders.

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The Outspark team said “From the feedback we got from players, we made sure to correct a number of the localization issues that they helped find during closed beta, which also included some tweaks to the font system used in the game. We also worked on a few items to help improve the backend operations of the game to ensure an even smoother open beta. Along with all these fixes, we also increased the level cap for open beta to 78 which opens up some new areas on the map for players to explore and plunder with plenty of new armor and weapons to acquire. We’ll also be opening up the SparkCash shop with limited items for testing purposes during the open beta.”

In addition Luvinia Online is going to celebrate a number of events for the open beta

• Raffle of LUV – For every character that reaches level 40 in open beta, players will be entered in a raffle to win one of many fantastic prizes including an iPad 2, a Nintendo 3DS, or even 50,000 SparkCash to spend.

• Luvian Pride – It’s a long way from Geneway College to level 70, but those that reach it during open beta will get a special in-game title. Plus, the #1 ranked player at the end of the open beta will win a $1,000 USD travel credit.

• Luv to Like Us! – With Luvinia Online close to launching, now is the time for players to start like’ing our Facebook page so that they can keep abreast of all the awesome activities happening no matter where they are. When the Facebook page gets more than 5000 Likes, all players will get a permanent graduation gown in game!

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