Lockdown update for Alliance of Valiant Arms

“Prison is a miserable place, especially when mutant inmates are on the loose and thirsting for blood”. ijji.com released the latest co-op mission in its Prison Break Series for Alliance of Valiant Arms. Players need fast reflexes and excellent teamwork to stay alive in an environment of death.

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The new mission pits players in a cooperative battle against AI-controlled, chemically enhanced enemy prisoners of war in a locked prison facility. The objective is simple: survive as long as possible while mowing down waves of vicious brutes. A.V.A fans have access to a host of new weapons to aid them in their mission, including:

SA58 Para
A compact version of the FN FAL available for the Rifle Man Character Class.

P90 Harimau
A powered-up version of the P90 available for the Point Man Character Class, this weapon was designed by a member of A.V.A’s massive community of players.


An automatic pistol available as a secondary weapon to all character classes, this sidearm was based on a real weapon used by soldiers in the Czech Republic.

To celebrate the Lockdown update and the imminent arrival of Halloween, ijji.com is offering special items for players
, including spooky-themed items:

Desert Eagle and Hot Potato Grenade
Awarded from the EURO Jackpot Capsule, along with other prizes including up to 1 million Euros of in-game money or other rare items that can’t be purchased in the A.V.A store.

Pumpkin Helmet
A carved pumpkin head that players can equip for battle.

Pumpkin Grenade
A grenade which leaves a spooky effect on enemies.

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