Krosmaster Arena Desktop Beta Begins


The desktop beta of Ankama's newest free to play game, Krosmaster Arena, starts today. Full launch is scheduled for this summer on PC, Max, Linux and mobile devices, but now the game is available for those who want to test it on their PC. And a new trailer has been released.

We already reviewed this game, so check it out.

Krosmaster is the 3rd brand launched by Ankama based on the Krosmoz universe after DOFUS and WAKFU. The Krosmaster IP first started in 2012 as a boardgame and a range of figurines inspired from its 2 sister IPs. An online game based on the boardgame rules was launched simultaneously in order for boardgame players to train before the competition and take part in online tournaments. As of today, Krosmaster is one of the fastest growing boardgame brands, with more than 3 million figurines sold and direct store distribution in more than 10 countries.

The online game features more than 100 collectible figurines, 4 game modes, 6 different environments and a PVP arena.

Watch the new trailer!


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