Knight Online has announced the start of its european closed beta has announced the start of the european closed beta of Knight Online a Massive PvP oriented medieval fantasy MMORPG.

The Closed beta testing is going to start on October 11th until the 16th of October and the Official Launch is going to be the 1st of November.

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Knight Online is the first succeeded online game in party play, Korea. The biggest strength of Knight Online is 'Massive War'.

The game is a fantasy MMORPG driven by story-driven updates and furious player-verses-player (PvP) combat where players battle to gain favor within the lands of Carnac. Gamers can side with either theEl Morad, the Human race and Karus, the Orc race and pick one of four distinct character classes: the bold Warrior, the cunning Rogue, the wise Priest or the intellectual Mage. Players can wage wars and siege castles, and even gain the ultimate position on honor as King of your faction.

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User who becomes a Hero by the war will obtain a peerage title and prize money by the King. In addition, the hero becomes a lord of a castle and rule a castle.

Leveling up, Grinding, Obtain drop item, and becoming first place are not the all about online game. Party system by helping each other for leveling up, game playing with great manner rather than decorating its character with expensive item.

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