Kartuga unveils the new Protector class


InnoGames just presented a new ship class for its upcoming action MMOG, Kartuga. The Protector is the most robust class of the game, always ready to jump in the heat of the battle thanks to a number of defensive and offensive skill.

Like all the other classes, the Protector has 3 different branches of specialization that determine its gameplay and its role during the battle. In case of the Protector, players can spend their points on the specializations Bulwark, Wrangler and Suppressor. The Bulwark is a swimming fortress; its defense is nearly impenetrable. The Wrangler is less heavily fortified, but easily sinks targets with its precise critical strikes. Lastly, the Suppressor acts as ‘big brother’ in every team and defends smaller mates, using close combat skills.

Source of informations: InnoGames press release.



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