Kartuga presents the Engineer


InnoGames just unveiled some details and a new trailer highlighting the Engineer, the second of the three announced pirate classes for its upcoming action-MMO Kartuga.

This resourceful ship can litterally turn the tides of the battle thanks to its impressive arsenal.The Engineer has a multitude of tools at hand - Repair Crates, helpful Drones and Buoys – to threaten foes and support teammates.

Thanks to its variety of buff and healing, the Engineers is a really good support oriented class, but at the same time, thanks to its tools, it's an opponent who can't be understimated. Like every class, the Engineers' progression tree is divided in three different branches/builds: Buoy Master, Atlanticus and Tinker. The Buoy Master specializes in the use of buoys to control the flow of the battlefield, supporting teammates and attacking at the same time. The Tinker is an expert at debuffing enemy skills, while the Atlanticus build is ideal to repair allies and control enemy crowds.

Source of informations: InnoGames press release.

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