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Greetings F2Pers, I am Goodfellow, one of the many content creators we have for but our regular viewers might know me as Alex from the various commentary reviews we’ve put out over the last year. Today I’m taking an interesting new step for both myself and for in general as I have been appointed as the new Community/Social Media Champion (a self-created title.. business cards pending approval) for our website in charge of trying to get our message out there and get as many of you guys as possible to check out the content we make for you each day.


So what is my role? Well I’m glad you asked. Basically my role and personal intention is to ensure that you guys like what we do, that you’re getting from the site what you want and more and also ensuring that we have the type of things that make you want to come back. Through our various social media tools such as our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube channels (which themselves will be having a revamp) we want to ensure we keep offering quality and content that you like.

This site exists fundamentally because of a love of gaming that the people throughout the company share, and this is something we know our readers have too, we want to bring you news, reviews, giveaways and exclusive content because.. well… you guys are us.

Now for some absolute honesty. We’re a company, we’re a business, a large part of what we do is to make money through something we enjoy and in an industry we love: gaming. From a business model we need viewers, subscribers and followers so I won’t pretend that what we’re doing it completely altruistic, but we don’t expect we should get a fan base for nothing and don’t feel entitled to them without putting in the work and time. We want to be a place that you guys want to come to, we want you to enjoy the content and we’re willing to do whatever we can to accommodate that.

So with that you will start seeing a focus shift to the exclusive content, reviews, articles and more that we can offer here; it’s content we enjoy producing and hopefully will be content you like watching and reading. Our content will be coming to you the same day every week, with a new exclusive feature every day as well as your on-going news that we’ve always provided of just what exactly is happening in the free-to-play world.
So here’s a heads up of what you can expect, and we’ll start going into more detail through the week:

Monday – Gameplay Review Video
Tuesday – Op-ed Article
Wednesday – First Look Video
Thursday – Game Review Article
Friday – Giveaways (and a completely new video feature we’re working on)
Saturday – Video & Podcast of the weekly news

This week you’ll start to see a change, whilst we’ve always had the professional element I think we’ve lacked the personal touch, and when our business is built on the loyalty of our readers that is something we very much want to rectify. So let us know what you think of what we do, let us know what you like, let us know what you hate, either way we want you to have your say.



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