Infinite Crisis to make its entrance to ESL at Gamescom 2013

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine, Inc. have just announced a partnership with Turtle Entertainment in order to realize the introduction of Infinite Crisis to European eSports audiences through ESL. At Gamescom, hosted in Cologne (Germany) from 21st August until 25th August, fans will alreday have a chance to play and watch Infinite Crisis in the ESL hall.

"Infinite Crisis is a fantastic addition to our ESL network," stated Sean Charles, Vice President of Marketing and Publisher Relations at Turtle Entertainment. "The game not only offers existing MOBA players something new, but also a familiar yet altogether different play experience for existing DC Comics fans. Our new collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is a great example of how we can work with top game publishers to introduce their games to our audiences."

Beyond their Gamescom collaboration, the publisher and ESL will continue to create interesting competitive leagues for Infinite Crisis, which will be accessible through the experienced ESL platforms and shown live via ESL’s own live television studio: ESL TV. In addition, Infinite Crisis’ entrance into the world of eSports in Europe will be streamed to audiences via, the global leading streaming platform for gamers.

Gamescom attendees will be able to visit the 50m² Infinite Crisis booth in the ESL CM Storm Arena to watch professional and amateur gamers alike play the game. They will be moreover able to participate in an open Q&A with the developers, get their hands on a host of gaming giveaways and witness the introduction of the new Coast City map, which players can experience for the first time in a consumer setting.

"The partnership with ESL is a very exciting step for us because we are able to reach out and engage with the competitive gaming community across Europe," said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer for Infinite Crisis. "We’re thrilled to be working with MOBA players of all levels, from grass roots, to great partnerships like ESL."

Source of information: Warner Bros. press release.

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