Infinite Crisis to Launch on March 26


Infinite Crisis will officially launch on March 26. The MOBA set in the DC Comics universe is finally ready after a long beta test and will finally launch in a couple of weeks. This date also marks its arrival to Steam. The game will launch on the platform on March 26, 2015.

If you are nterested, we also have an on-going giveaway for the game that will give you access to Poison Ivy and one of her alternate costumese.

“Infinite Crisis™ has massively evolved over the past year with the help of the millions of players who participated in our Open Beta,” said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer. “We have designed, updated, and tuned almost every facet of the game based on player feedback and we are now ready to officially launch the game on 26th March.”

Some months ago we published a review, which you can check out through this link. And if you want to know more, click on the "Info" button below to visit our profile.


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