Infestation World to Launch on Q2 2016


Another free to play open-world sandbox survival game is on the horizon. We have just known that Infestation World will be launching worldwide on Q2 2016. A Closed Beta test will run from March 28 to April 3 and an Open Beta is planned for April 6. At launch the game will be localized in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Infestation World is a open-world sandbox that focuses on competitive multiplayer. When players aren't fighting to survive in the game's world, they can join Battle mode, a game type that rewards coordinated teamwork, making it perfect for eSports competitors.

"We're very eager to include more players in our community by launching Infestation worldwide," said Thanin Piromward, CEO, Electronics Extreme. "We can't wait to watch the strongest players face off in our new competitive game modes."

The best players will be invited to participate at regional qualifers across the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions. And Regional champions will meet to compete in Thailand (Q3 2016) for a prize pool generated from in-game purchases at Infestation World Championship 2016.

Later this year, another game mode called War System will be introduced. This mode will be a large-scale battle between clans for a village's central control point.

Watch now the trailer for the Battle mode.

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