Hyper Hippo Productions presents Mech Mice


Hyper Hippo Productions has officially announced its new turn-based tactical squad browser game, Mech Mice. The game features a rich storyline set in a mysterious world and will be available for Mac and PC this fall, followed by mobile platforms later in 2013. Mech Mice is currently in closed beta and will officially enter open beta on July 9, 2013.

It is our goal to create safe places for kids to play online, while also encouraging a positive real world impact,” said Lance Priebe, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Development Officer at Hyper Hippo.

This title is designed for players ages ten and up, allows them to build their own squad of “Mech Mice” and help defend their way of life against the invading armies of the villainous Dark Union. Within the world of Mech Mice, fans will engage in a safe community while leading their squads through a series of fun and challenging levels that incorporate turn-based strategy, skill management and the collection of digital action figures.


Source of information: Hyper Hyppo Productions





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