Heroes of the Realm, Starter Packs Giveaway

F2p.com, in partership with Ogplanet, offer you 2000 Starter Pack for Heroes of the Realm!

Heroes of the Realm is a free to play MMO browser-based online card-based fighting game where players need to build an army of card heroes, which can be obtained through the battle against players or NPCs or purchased from the store, to fight for glory and dominance.

The game's official launch is scheduled for Dec. 24 2012.

The Starter Pack includes 5 Triple Cards for unlocking unique heroes, as well as an extra 1000 Soulstones for strengthening your hero squad, giving you a huge boost when battling other players!

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Sign-up and play with minutes at Here (no download needed!) starting December 24th .

Step 3. Click on STORE button (bottom-right)

Step 4. Click “Use Coupon” (top-right of the store window) to redeem your coupon!

Only one Starter Pack (coupon redemption) per OGPlanet account.
The coupons are only valid for 2 months.



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One Comment - "Heroes of the Realm, Starter Packs Giveaway"

  1. Scammed by GM Crom March 20, 2013 at 10:16 PM -

    This game is being mishandled by its main administrator, GM Crom. He has lied to the community time and time again. He told the European players that there would never be any IP blocks in this game, then HOTR Europe comes out and IP blocks are being put into place. The European players that spent money on this game have been seriously screwed over and cheated. Their money was scammed from them with lies. There will be NO account transfers allowed.

    Do NOT play this game and above all DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. Lying to your players and dishonestly cheating them out of money should not be supported in any way. I was a loyal player from the server’s start until GM Crom was unmasked as a crook and a liar, now I have quit the game and most of my guild and several other players have too.

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