Heroes & Generals Introduces Leaderboards

First Look at Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals Introduces Leaderboards

Heroes & Generals has just received a new content update introducing three new medium planes and leaderboards. Watch the overview video below.

Players can now compare their performance with other players across the following categories:

Overall - ranking soldiers based on score, kills, headshots, etc.
Support - ranking by support activities such as first aid, deploying vehicles, etc.
Tactical - ranking soldiers based on their tactical performance.
Weapons - ranking soldiers by weapon usage.
Vehicles - ranking soldiers based on their destruction of enemy vehicles.
Assault teams - ranking assault team performance and activity in the war.

Leaderboards show performance from the last 30 days.

“We’re really excited about giving the players another layer of engagement for Heroes & Generals with the new leaderboards. I’m especially glad that we, besides the usual boards with kills, etc, also give credit to support roles and other aspects of the game.” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto: “It is a team effort and eventually we would like to expand the leaderboards to cover enough aspects of the game for every player to find a board where he ranks high on or even for players to set up their own leaderboards using an open API.”

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