Hellgate Global has started September celebrating some events for both new and veteran players

Hellgate Global has announced today its in-game events for September to amp up its players in the battle against demons.

As the war to save the human race continues, take part in these Hellgate Global events to unlock even more challenges and rewards. No hero will want to miss this opportunity, so rally the troops, strengthen your equipment, and join the battle.



- In the event every hero that recruits an additional troop suitable for mankind’s army will have the opportunity to receive exciting rewards. This is an event no hero will want to miss.

Training - In order to help strengthen mankind’s troops, a series of leveling events are being launched. The “Condition System” is back, giving heroes the experience boost they need whenever they enter battle. Additionally, heroes will be exposed to “Hell Rush” on specified dates this September, effectively doubling the experience earned on those days. Lastly, as a reward for heroes that are training hard and achieving new levels, the “Level and Be Rewarded” event will be extended through this September

Exercise - Heroes will be given the chance to display the results of their training through the “Boss Time Attack!” Heroes can sign up for a special challenge to kill a Dungeon Boss under a certain time limit. Heroes that conquer the challenge, in the least amount of time, will be handsomely rewarded.

Supply Aid - The war against demons requires heavy resources, and heroes will be given supply aids to be better equipped for the fight. In the “Tools of the Trade” event, heroes will be given the chance to receive premium items that aren’t available in the cash shop. Also, heroes will continue to receive Daily Supplies from Supply Soldier Teo in Greenwich Station.ç

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