Heavy Metal Machines gets sanctual with Metal Pass Season Three

Heavy Metal Machines MOBA - Heavy Metal Machines gets sanctual with Metal Pass Season Three
Heavy Metal Machines gets sanctual with Metal Pass Season Three Free-to-play car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, converts to the ‘Sect of Metal’ in season three of the Heavy Metal Pass

Hoplon, the developers behind post-apocalyptic car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, today announced the launch of their Season Three content – The Sect of Metal. These sanctimonious guardians have taken over Metal City, claiming it as their own and have set about converting the current survivors. Ruling Metal City with an iron fist, these crusaders will stop at nothing to retain their control and spread the word of the sect.

Featuring new cosmetic rewards for those who convert to the Sect of Metal, this update kicks off Season Three of the Metal Pass. It also features new skins for characters Rampage, Little Monster and Killer J.

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The King of Rage, Rampage, has made his heavy metal Bulldozer a sanctuary. Little Monster’s monster truck has been converted and has a new model mocking Full Metal Judge’s vehicle. Lastly, the clown, Killer J, is dressed in the colours of the sect, mocking Metal Herald - the Pope of Heavy Metal Machines.Eros Carvalho, Head of Studio and Development for Hoplon commented: “The Metal Pass continues to allow us to explore parts of the lore within the game which may not be immediately obvious to our community, whilst offering players rewards for progressing though the tier system. We have a rich depth of lore to explore, and the ’Sect of Metal’ is just the start. It really has allowed our artists and creative teams flex their muscles and dive deep into this part of the Heavy Metal Machines setting.

First introduced in September 2018, ‘Metal Pass’ has been offering players a progression system which unlocks cosmetic rewards through weekly missions and challenges. In November 2018, players saw Season Two - “Into The Abyss” – inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s creations.

Tatiana Moreira, Head of Marketing and Publishing, commented: “We’re proud of how closely we get to work with our community on upcoming updates. We are constantly working on towards new features based on the community’s feedback, which is where this season started. They were the first to know about the Season 3 theming and were quick to give us their thoughts and feedback whilst it was still in development. Their approval is vital to us, so we like to get them involved as soon as possible – they have already had a sneak peak and what’s in store for Season four of the Metal Pass, and making their opinions known.

Source Hoplon - Heavy Metal Machines

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