Grand Chase, the season 5 is here


The season 5 is just arrived on Grand Chase, the popular side scrolling action MMORPG from KOG Games. This new major content update enriches the game with a brand new boss-rush style dungeon mode, UI update, smarter AI, a renewed dodge and damage system and more.

The latest update brings a fresh, vibrant attitude to Grand Chase,” said Eugene Kim, CEO of KOG Games “The game will deliver a streamlined experience that both veteran and new players alike will truly enjoy.

Players will be able to enjoy a smoother quest progression while playing with their friends or alone in a completely revamped dungeon experience, with e better level design and randomized monster types and number. Monsters and boss will be faster and harder, but every character has been rebalanced to be in line with the other ones and with the dungeons.

Moreover, there is a new active combat skills, obtainable through a quest, which will let you perform an evasive manouver while in dungeons.


Source of information: Kog Games press release


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