Grand Chase gets the Character Separation Update


Season 5 is coming to Grand Chase, bringing a lot of new content and improvements. The first part of the Big Season 5 content update arrives today, with the Character Separation system.

Even aa small developer, we’ve always done our absolute best to bring fun, new content to the players of Grand Chase.” Eugene Kim, CEO of KOG Games states “Now the time has come to let Grand Chase truly show its potential.

Character Separation will allow players to use a completely separate UI and interactive environment for each character. They will have at their disposal a 120 slots inventory space for every character, as well as a new UI designed around this new features and individual quest logs.

The Season 5 with time will also add to the game new active combat dodge and combo systems, a completely new User Interface, bigger-faster- smarter AI, revamped characters and more.


Source of information:  KOG Games press release



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