GoalUnited 2012 has received a new update today

Goalunited 2012, the online football manager game, is getting the most comprehensive update of its short life.

Starting today, managers all over the world can use the new features as they compete against millions of other competitors for points or promotion in exciting league matches.

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With this new update, Goalunited 2012 receive 70 new achievements, providing additional incentives for team managers who can also use the new Manager Notification System to keep their eye on the overall situation at all times. This system includes a useful Mentor function, providing useful tips on the many options available to coaches and managers. The maximum player level has been increased and you can now add new buildings to attract more fans and professional players to your stadium. There is an all-new reputation system, which increases your prestige with victories, and there are many detailed improvements that give your browser that perfectly realistic football atmosphere.

According to Eckart Foos, Head of Games at Travian Games: "We have never implemented such a wide-ranging update for one of our games within just one year. The updates to goalunited 2012 include the kind of content you would expect in a full-price computer game - we, however, are providing our millions of regular customers with an update that ensures that our loyal fans continue to enjoy their free gaming experience.

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