Ghost Recon Online unveils Update 0.12.0


Ubisoft has just unveiled the 0.12.0 content update for its free-to-play MMOTPS, Ghost Recon Online. This update delivers new content and features such as a  new map, gameplay and cosmetic improvements, as well as new pack of weapons, armor and avatars in a new Phantom theme.

Xinyi District is the biggest map ever released for GRO. Set in Taiwan and based on fans' feedback, this new map incorporates the popular five-point capture system, where teams will need to capture and hold a linear series of five capture zones to dominate the match. This map is also the first one of a new generaiton of arenas to use the new “Monster” lighting system, which will allow even player with older system to enjoy high-res effect.

Moreover, players can find some improvements to the tactical movement and new cosmetic changes such as realistic shell ejection.

Source of information: Ubisoft press release.

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