GetAmped2, official European launch on 14th December


CyberStep just announced the starting date for the European Commercial Service of its free-to-play online beat'em-up GetAmped2. The game is going to be released on December 14th.

A lot of new events will be available, and various payment options will be opened with the beginning of the official service. With the purchase of Crescents, players will have a chance to get even more wild and crazy accessories in the Prime Market, for instance, the “Prussian Kaiser” or the “Wing of Sacred Flame”, which will be available from the new gachas.

For the ones of you that never heard about the game, GetAmped2 is a 3D online beat'em up where players can create their character and choose its style, accessory and weapons to fit their personal playstyle. In this new version of the game there will be a skin and polygon editor that will allow the most dedicated players to customize their charater creating the fighter of their dreams.

Source of informations: CyberStep press release.



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