Gamigo #PlayApartTogether

Gamigo #PlayApartTogether
Gamigo #PlayApartTogether Initiative

With exclusive in-game events and items gamigo supports the #PlayApartTogether initiative, joining a multitude of its industry partners endorsing the WHO guidelines regarding healthy physical distancing, you can see the promo on Gamigo PlayApartTogether.

Hamburg, April 30, 2020 – Gamigo supports the initiative #PlayApartTogether in many of their games with special events here onGamigo PlayApartTogether, valuable items and much more. Players can take a look at the different titles gamigo has in their portfolio on the official #StayHome Website Gamigo PlayApartTogether. Play Apart Together is a campaign created by notable members of the gaming industry to share the WHO’s vital information and messaging on the topic of physical distancing throughout their games.

Staying at home provides a great opportunity to connect with family and friends around the globe as players create mythical heroes, embark on magical quests, conquer coveted territories and solve challenging puzzles in their favorite Gamigo game.

"gamigo’s games offer a wide array of entertainment for everyone. Through #PlayApartTogether we can share awareness in a way that encourages everyone to come together and find some reprieve in these difficult times, in titles such as ArcheAge, Grand Fantasia and all of our other gaming worlds." says Jens Knauber, COO of gamigo group.

Here you have all the list of the games are some promotion for #PlayApartTogether

Trove; Trove Free-to-Play Voxel MMO Adventure Game.

Aura Kingdom; Aura Kingdom free-to-play Anime MMORPG game, featuring strong PVE elements on the game.

ArcheAge; ArcheAge Dantasy Sandbox MMORPG Free to Play from Trion Worlds and Gamigo.

Desert Operations; Desert Operations Free2Play Military browser-based Game, MMORTS.

Fiesta Online; Fiesta Online free-to-play Anime roleplaying game MMORPG.

Grand Fantasia; Grand Fantasia is a free2play Massively Multiplayer Online role-playing game - MMORPG

Rift; Rift the ultimate fantasy MMORPG from Trion Worlds and Gamigo.

Defiance 2050; Defiance 2050 is a free-to-play Online Shooter for PC, Console and Steam Game.

Ironsight; Ironsight is a Free2Play a modern and realistic Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Game - MMOFPS

Last Chaos; Last Chaos is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG Game.

Shaiya; Shaiya is a Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG for PC, from Aeria Games and Gamigo.

Twin Saga; Twin Saga is a Free2Play Anime MMO game for Aeria Games and Gamigo.

WolfTeam; WolfTeam Free to Play Online FPS game for PC.

Eden Eternal; Eden Eternal, is a Free to Play Anime MMORPG Game form Aeria Games and Gamigo.

Kings and Legends; Kings and Legends Free to Play Trading Card MMORPG Game.

War2Glory; War2Glory is a real-time MMO broser-based game, Military game of World War II.

The Rats; The Rats is a Free-to-Play multiplataform game for mobile (Android and iOS) and Facebook game.

Goal One; Goal One is a free-to-play football mamager game for Facebook

More Information about the gamigo games and the initiative can be found on the official #StayHome

Source: Gamigo - ArcheAge - Grand Fantasia - Trove - Twin Saga - Rift - Ironsight - Shaiya

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