Gamigo celebrates Valentine’s Day

Gamigo celebrates Valentine’s Day
Gamigo celebrates Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re looking for love or already have someone special in mind, join your favorite gamigo games for special in-game events, quests, and rewards

Finding a player 2 can be a difficult task leaving many to feel it’s nearly impossible to find someone to wield the coveted second controller. gamigo knows this and is happy to put on its Cupid outfit to help its players find their one true love. And by Cupid outfit, we really mean hosting in-game Valentine’s Day themed events in several of its games.

In no particular order, the following gamigo games are hosting Valentine’s Day events:

Trove – The Heckbugs in Love event tasks Trovians with helping these uniquely popular bugs find love. Complete an 8-step quest chain, fight off invasions of Shadow Heckbugs, and earn rewards – like the Heckbug Ball Mount or the Bouncin’ Heckbug – all the while learning that even Heckbugs can meet their one true bug.

Fiesta Online – There are plenty of fun activities for partners to partake in Fiesta Online. Marry them in a special Valentine Wedding ceremony or work together to help Florenz find a special Valentine’s Day gift for his beloved Carol.

Aura Kingdom – Season of Love 2.0 offers a plethora of in-game events that gives players many opportunities to show their feelings for each other. Earn chocolates to buff yourself or your crush, the latter of which will earn you a buff as well! Additional community events include Find your Player 2, Love Message, and several mini events that give players the chance to earn lots of in-game rewards!

Grand Fantasia – The anime MMO has some fun activities in store for couples – let the world know you're together and take screenshots with each other, participate in the in-game lottery or show your love to community managers.

But that's not all – more love-filled activities will take place today on gamigo's social media channels and don't miss the special stream on Twitch starting today at 19:00 CET / 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT.

Source: Gamigo - Fiesta Online - Trove - Aura Kingdom - Grand Fantasia

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