GamesCampus announces a new update for Shot Online

GamesCampus has announced a new update for Shot Online. Next week's update will be the biggest change in Shot Online history, and improves the user interface, which will now give more information like Holes-In-One, Albatross, Eagles, Chip-Ins, accuracy, longest drive and more, facilitate the selection of the courses and the search for groups. The chat has also been improved, and now players can adjust the size or the transparency of the windows, use improved copy and paste functions and various chat options.

"After eight years, it was time to update even the most favorite, tried-and-true aspects of Shot Online, and that included a full modernization of the user interface," said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. "Players will be amazed when they see how much has changed while still retaining the most important information at their fingertips!"

Source of information: press release from Gamescampus

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