GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows / Web Browser


This free to strategy MMO is a real time strategy war game where players can team up with each other and fight against other enemy players in brutal warfare; seizing assets such as farms and mines as they build up their Empire, expand its borders and try to conquer the known world. The game can be played through your Internet browser and does not require a client download.


- Town/City building and management game
- Ancient China theme
- Real time strategy combat
- Train up your own heroes to lead your army
- Purchase items to upgrade your troops
- Make alliances with other empires
- Free to play
- Playable through your web browser


In the game you start as the Lord of your own town and are responsible for driving out the uprising militia in the region. As both the commander of your army and the leader of your town you are responsible for placing every building, equipping every troop and training up every hero to lead your men into battle.

Play start out by choosing a particular hero to fight with will command their own unit. Units come in different shapes such as Spearman, Swordsman, Archers, Cavalry and more, each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses against other units requiring strategy and tactical building of your empires forces.


Throughout the game players will be tasked with various quests and missions that will take them into dangerous lands to fight against enemy AI factions. Completing these quests will give the player and their heroes valuable XP to level up as well as silver. Silver is required as the main in game currency and used to purchase buildings, upgrade heroes and equipped forces with weapons and gear.


Surrounding your town centre building there are dozens of free plots of land within your city walls that players can construct buildings upon. Buildings come in various shapes and sizes and each serves its own purpose, e.g. the shop enables you to purchase weapons for your troops which will give them a boost in combat. Once a building has been constructed it can be further upgraded, however buildings as with troops cannot be upgraded higher than the level of the Town Centre. Once upgraded a building will give higher bonuses or unlock high-level equipment for you to use, the build queue will then have a cooldown time a as it takes an amount of time to construct your chosen build.


At primary gameplay revolves around fighting enemy AI factions and other rival player empires. The key to victory is making your army a strong as possible when they head out into the field, a variety of units, trained heroes and higher quality steeds, armour and weapons will give an army this advantage. By selecting the world map players can March their armies to a specific region to fight NPC forces and gaining honour points as they do so.

Combat is completely automated when two units meet each other in the field, they will automatically exchange of blows and take damage depending on the quality of the unit. At the end of the battle players get a report to tell them how many troops they killed and harmony of their own units were lost in the fight. Players must always fight the front line troops before they can reach the rear troops in a battle.

Going into battle costs Military Call up (MCU) points, which are depleted with each attack you make and replenish by default at one MCU per hour, thus limiting the amount of combat a player can perform in a session.

One of the main ways to boost their units abilities is to train up the hero that leads them, which will directly enhance the forces they control. Once a hero enters training it can be used until the training is complete, which takes a certain amount of time depending on the level of the hero, but players can log off the game and this training will continue until it is finished. Players can spend on a points to further enhance heroes training, but a hero cannot be trained higher the level of the Town Centre.


As well is questing players can also earn silver through applying a levy tax on their populous, gaining silver and the chance to gain gold from the houses and homes within your walls. There is a cooldown between levies so that players cannot constantly gain silver in this way


Web Browser


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