Tamer Saga


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Set in a version of medieval Europe players are able to embark on an exciting adventure in this social and casual MMO packed full with features that can be played directly in your web browser.


- Discover and tame your own pets

- 4 Different Classes

- Two different Factions

- Run various types of quests

- Earn and unlock equippable heroic gear

- Streamlined Items for only those items you really need

- Earn unique titles

- Form your own guild

- Send your slaves to fight in the Colosseum


A century ago an evil Shadow Dragon had come to the continent and spread its malevolent Shadow Shards in an attempt to control the souls of all the living beings that inhabited it and control them. This corruption made the continent a dark and dangerous place to live for those who had not been affected by this dark Shadow Dragon.

To fight against the Shadow Dragon and his corruption, good aligned Dragons, Angels, Elves and Humans joined together to found a strong alliance and looked for a way to purify the Shadow Dragon itself. They were successful in their task, the Shadow Dragon purified resulting in the lifting of the corruption upon the continent.. for now.

A prophecy spoke that the Shadow Dragon would rise up once more in 100 years, and now that time has come and now, chosen by fate, four guardian angels rise up to fight the dragon as their ancestors did before them.


Players can join one of two different factions within the game: the Federation or the Empire, two rival factions that have frequently come to blows and declared open war who, for now, have put their differences aside to face the Shadow Dragon.

In the game there are four available classes to choose from:

Warrior: Strong physical attacks the warrior is the front line in any team, able to take the hits and deal back damage with their sword.

Mage: Able to attack multiple enemies at once mage is able to inflict extra effects on their opponents, but there low defences mean they must always keep a distance.

Priest: The token healer of the group they are able to support their allies with restorative spells and mitigate harmful effects.

Ranger: Armed a bow and arrow they are skilled at making long ranged attacks, often felling their enemy before they are even aware that the range it is nearby.


“Pets” can come in all shapes and sizes and play a crucial role in combat. Each pet has their own name, as named by the player, and level that will increase as they gain XP from being actively involved in combat and quests. Each pet has a number of attributes from hit points, defence rating, crit rating, et cetera and also a “type” that are divided up into five categories: Beasts, Sprites, Dragonkin, Demons and Humanoid.

Pets can master a variety of spells and as the pet levels up it spills automatically improve if they have been unlocked. Spells cost and amount of “rage” to cast in battle, some spells cause damage whereas others healed the caster or their allies. Later spells are also able to debuff and stun enemies creating for much more tactical combat.

Whilst acting differently to a pet players are able to achieve a variety of different mounts that their character can ride. Players can pick up their mount in a Guilds Paddock, a common Guild feature where anyone within the Guild is able to leave a mount their so that everybody else can use it. More advanced mounts are able to transform themselves and even have the ability to fly. Mounts can be anything from a rideable pig, a flaming horse to a variety of rideable Dragons.


There are a number of PVP options in the game from the standard duel system where at level 20 players can challenge each other, beat your opponent badly enough and you may even make them lose their underwear which you can collect as a trophy for the extra embarrassment of defeat!


Web Browser


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