Spiral Knights

Genre: Free to play Action MMO
Platform: Windows / Linux / Mac
Developed By: Three Rings

The game is an action-based 3-D MMO that focuses on cooperative play to fight monsters, discover challenging dungeons and solve difficult puzzles and is completely free to play.

Key Features
- Strong focus on cooperative gameplay
- Levels cycle so that the game world changes every moment
- Hundreds of different weapons, armour and gear that can be discovered and alchemized
- Rise up and establish the powerful, influential guild

Waking on Cradle, foreign and alien world, these Spiral Knights find that there starship has crashed and been raided. Grouping together the spiral Knights must journey the depths of this foreign world that is designed at its core with an ingenious mechanical At that controls various gates to access new areas of this subterranean world.

The Gates
The Gates restrict access throughout the Clockworks, typically to areas of adventure for the Spiral Knights, and can be active so that Knights are able to use them upon discovery or dormant which means they only become active when a timer has counted down.

The gates are made up of four different parts:

1) A control panel that is used to activate the gates
2) A display monitor to show what the gate is called
3) A mineral deposit container which can be used in gate construction on those gates that are dormant
4) A totem to show an active gates current levels or of the construction status of a dormant gate

Energy Sources
There are two types of energy available in this strange world, used in day-to-day actions such as activating an elevator, crafting items, activating new found devices or used to purchase upgrades.

Each spiral Knight is kitted out with a tank that can distil the mist resource, the airborne energy created from the powerful source at the core of the Cradle. These tanks can only hold a certain amount of mist before they are to full capacity, but they will automatically refill themselves over time.

Crystals are a more stable energy source and can be permanently stored in far greater quantities in comparison to the mist energy. Crystal energy can be purchased with real-world currency or traded from player to player.

System Requirement

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or OSX 10.4 (Mac)
Java Version: 1.5
Processor: 1.3GHz
Graphics Card: 64mb Memory. ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 5 series,
RAM: 512mb (Windows XP), 1gb (Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Mac)
HDD Space: 300MB


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