Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Rainbow Saga offers browser-based gameplay in a beautifully designed anime world of adventure; players can choose from a variety of classes, explore dozens and in game features, engage in challenging PVE content either solo or grouping with other players as they uncover the game‘s story-arc through a linear progressive quest chain. Rainbow Saga is completely free to play and players can gain extra bonuses and boosts by paying for the VIP top up system using real money.


- Three classes to choose from
- Action-based combat
- Quest driven content
- Full gear customisation and upgrades
- Player pets
- Multiplayer dungeon instances
- Arena PVP
- Browser-based gameplay
- Free to play MMO


The people of Troonmill have long lived a happy and hard-working life on the continent until it was invaded by the Devil Lord, in retaliation Holy Knights were tasked by the City of Order to defeat the Devil Lord and his army. The dark forces turned their sights on the City of Order and so the people of Troonmill activated the seven artefacts of power, sacrificing themselves to seal the Devil Lord and return peace once more to the realm. Time has passed and those Devils long thought forgotten have begun to resurface and conspire to invade the continent once more.


At its core Rainbow Saga is a side scrolling 2-D platform games is where players will build up their characters through acquired gear and gained XP from quests and events to improve their stats and skills. The game has an extensive quest-based story arc for players to uncover and as players progress through the game they will unlock further features to explore.


There are three classes in the game for players to choose, each with their own unique skills and attack powers to use in battle:

Elementalist - a powerful summoner of the arcane arts this Guardian is able to call forth the elements and rain down destruction with their lightning and whirlwind attacks to deal with their opponents

Holy Knight - a fierce and stalwart fighter the Holy Knight arms themselves with protecting armour and shield and fights with melee weapons to engage their enemies up close and personal

Shadow Ranger - using the power of the stars this nimble and agile long ranged combatant can fire off darts to take down their opponents from a distance and skulk off into the shadows unseen


Players use the keyboard arrow keys to move around the map, able to climb up ladders to reach higher platforms jump across gaps using the spacebar, they have full control over their character in battle. With a number of attacks on their skill bar available they can build up combos and the strategy in their attacks against enemies and Bosses, responsible for every strike and dodge and the ability to outmanoeuvre their foes.


Primarily PVP falls into two categories; Stages and Instances. The Stages follow the main quest line and players can attempt a Stage once they reach a certain level, tasked with defeating the Stage Boss they must fight through a number of minion creatures until facing off against the levels champion. Bosses have more HP than normal enemies and have more powerful abilities that are unique to them, however if defeated they will drop valuable loot for the player. Players are graded on how they performed in a Stage and rewarded for their efforts with the ability to repeat a stage to try and do better. Instances work in a similar manner to Stages, however they are larger dungeon focused areas that can be completed with friends fighting as a team.


The game also features and Arena for players to challenge each other and test their skills against other players from the community in exciting PVP combat bouts. Players can either fight on their own in a 1v1 dual or in team based five versus five battles. Players when they’re fight by killing their opponent’s and the winners will gain extra rewards in the form of Honour, that can be spent in the shop to purchase upgrades, and Arena Points to increase their ranked position.


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