Operation X

Operation X

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


In this free to play strategy based RPG players become special secret agents working for the European Council Special Branch as they undertake various dangerous missions to take down criminals and their organisations through espionage and force. Players can engage in both PVE and PVP content as they work towards becoming the best spy in the world, working their way up the ranks and equipping themselves with all manner of gadgets and weaponry. The game can be played in your preferred Internet browser as well as accessed as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.


- Exciting spying missions to complete
- Complete character customisation from appearances to equipment
- Challenge other players in PVP
- Manage your time and resources efficiently
- Free to play


Operation X focuses primarily on players upgrading and advancing their own spy character, by completing missions and gaining levels and currency players will gain access to new gear and be able to upgrade their skills that will effectively make them more powerful. The game primarily offers casual single player content where activities have a timer to determine how long it takes for an action to be completed and so players must manage their time, strategy and resources effectively and utilising their online and off-line/AFK time.


Players are able to fully customise the look of their character, choosing from a range of hairstyles and facial features to add a unique look to their spy. Furthermore players are able to unlock and purchase a variety of items, including various articles of clothing, accessories and gadgets to equip to their character, which will not only offer them unique looks but also improve their skills. Many items come in different rarities, offering increased boosts to a player’s skills far beyond the standard available gear.


Each character’s abilities are made up from four key skills:

Fitness - this is a measure of a player’s hit point pool and how much damage they can take in combat

Intelligence - this allows a player to hit their target more accurately with critical strikes

Initiative - this directly determines the speed at which a character that makes their attacks

Instinct - this allows players to react quickly and dodge enemy attacks

Each time a player levels up they gain five skill points with which to increase their four skills, allowing players to focus their character to a certain type of combat, for example putting a high amount of points in Instinct might mean the character is less powerful offensively but is extremely hard to hit.

Players are also able to increase their skills through gear or by purchasing skill points using the in game cash currency.


One of the key ways to gain XP, as well as other rewards, is by completing the various PVE missions that will help the player progress through the main story lines as they infiltrate criminal organisations. Missions follow different mechanics, typically revolving around time-based missions where players simply accept the mission and then after a set time limit has passed, ranging from minutes to hours, the mission is automatically completed. Some missions require players to defeat an enemy in combat, meaning players must continue to upgrade their skills and gear to remain competitive against the rising difficulties of the missions.


As well as fighting AI enemies players can also compete against other real-world players, though the formats for combat is still the same, once entering battle players will automatically engage each other and continue to fire upon their opponent over and over until one player no longer has any hit points remaining. A players’ high Initiative can often mean that they can attack an opponent multiple times before the opponent even manages to shoot, the weapon showing an active cool down timer between reloads. Players are able to choose their opponents from a list of available players within their rank range, players earn and lose Honour based off their wins and losses, as well as gaining other rewards for being successful in combat.


Web Browser


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