Isladoom Browser Free to Play Strategy Game


Islandoom is a browser-based FREE-to-Play MMORTS Game from Bloomga

The world, which is full of great sea battles, is open to you! At the beginning of your adventure, choose one of four nations and colonize an uninhabited island, which you develop thanks to the raw materials obtained on it.

In the world of Islandoom, you create your empire by taking over more islands while developing your character. To carry out war movements, you build a fleet that allows you to defend the islands or attack other people's land.

Due to the wide range of warships and defensive departments, you can decide on the type of battle and create varied strategies. Open world allows you not only to compete with enemies, but also cooperation with the help of trade, allowing players to create their own economics. In the game you also have the opportunity to create and join alliances that enrich the adventure and communication of the community in the game.

Will you be building your empire step by step, alone? Will you join the alliance and carry out organized looting? Decide for yourself and enter the world of Islandoom.

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO

PLATFORM: Web Browser


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