Epic Arena

Developer: Shadow Masters
Platform: Internet browsers


Epic Arena is a free-to-play turn-based, online multiplayer battle title that combines a card, board and tactical game into one epic experience. Featuring 3D graphics and bone crunching sound effects, this exciting swords and sorcery combat game will put players’ cunning and their strategies to a test with its tactical and reflective game play. Asynchronous play allows for engaging in multiple battles at once and playing on any device with internet connection.


- Combination of a card, board and tactical game
- Endless possibilities and outcomes
- Unique set of abilities and skills for every team and unit
- Optionally purchasable Power Cards for team customisation
- Online battles with friends and foes alike - anywhere, anytime.
- Offline single player challenges to refine you skills.


The goal in Epic Arena basically is to eliminate the enemy team or destroy all enemy artefacts. When starting out, players are given a random set of six cards which are drawn from their team's units, their gear or their power-up cards. For each turn, they have five Action Points that can be used. Every time they deploy or move a unit, add gear or armour, use a power-up, attack, heal, or revive an ally, one Action Point is required.


In Epic Arena, teams are composed of decks, each one having a unique set of characters and power-ups. Team decks include different types of cards that can be classified as defender, shooter, support, caster, super unit, team artefact, potion armour, weapon, spell or nuke, and supercharge.
If players want to see who really is the best, they can challenge a friend and choose the same team decks.
There are two teams available for now:

Brotherhood of Order
Deriving their power from the sacred Dragon Egg, the Order has no patience for the undisciplined and weak. They wage an endless war against the forces of entropy and darkness and seek permanent control of the arena.

Legion of Chaos
Guided by the power of the Eye of Chaos, the Legion of Chaos thrives in a world of uncertainty and brutality. They seek control of the arena and will defeat all those who oppose the return of entropy and decay.


While each team's deck offers unique power-ups that come standard with their set, players have the possibility to purchase additional Power Cards to spice up the game. These cards allow for greater tactical advantage and wider offensive and defensive possibilities. They can be purchased by anyone and used by any team. However, once a Power Card is played in battle, it will be removed from the player’s collection so they will have to use them wisely, build a war chest, or buy replacements in the store.


Players are able to add gear or armour to their unit. While some gear or power-ups, such as shields or helmets, are permanent, others, like potions for example, are consumed. Gear and power-up cards also differ regarding the effect range, meaning that some can be targeted on any tile of the arena while others are areaeffect cards that only cause damage within a specified radius.


There are two types of damage and defence in Epic Arena: physical and magical. Each unit is not only classified in regard to its damage and defence type, but also has its own move range, that is the number of tiles a unit can move per one action. Some units are able to fly or teleport, this way ignoring obstacles on their way.
Moreover, units have ranged and/or melee attack. Units solely possessing a melee attack generally cause more damage the closer they get to their target. Units with ranged attacks generally cause more damage the farther away they are from their target.


For the time being, the game features two unique arenas player may choose to do battle in: Coliseum and Sanctuary. They are able to change the viewing angle, rotate the battlefield or zoom in to the action. By mixing and matching environments and game boards, it’s possible to keep the game interesting both visually and strategically. This way, Epic Arena is never the same game twice.


Internet browser


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