Dragon’s Wrath

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Dragon’s Wrath is a free to play web based side scrolling fantasy MMORPG where players must adventure through a magical realm fighting evil enemies in pursuit of a powerful Dragon. With a handful of classes to choose from players will explore a wide story arc through an ongoing quest chain that will build up their character up to be the hero of the realm.


- Four classes to play as
- Explore a unique fantasy world
- Level up your character and unlock new abilities
- 2-D brawler based combat
- Lots of PVE features
- Browser-based gameplay
- Free to play


The main premise of the game is for players to build up their hero character, learning new skills and acquiring new gear to make them ever stronger as they advance through the quest story arc and tackle challenging PVE focused features. Using the WASD keys to move players will fight in a classic 2-D side scroll brawler type battle against enemies, firing off attacks in either melee or ranged combat and gaining gear and XP with each mission/stage that they successfully clear.


The last remaining home of humans is under threat from the Black Dragon that has crushed kingdom after kingdom across the realm, usurping power, toppling nations and now has turned his eyes to the land of Heberyan. Using his amassed army, including human slaves that are forced to serve him, the dragon Ferric begins his final march. The humans have now amassed whatever mercenaries that will answer the call to battle the Dragon Knights to fight in the final battle that will spell the future of humankind.


There are four different classes that players can choose from within the game, each class playing a crucial part in the skills and abilities the players main character will have:

Saber - this heavy hitting a warrior uses a great sword to fight his enemies and can make powerful combos and sweeping attacks, the sword itself is rumoured to drink the blood of Dragons and may one day transform into a powerful artefacts with its first is finally quenched

Assassin - armed with twin deadly blades this mysterious woman has both the dexterity and agility to make her a ferocious opponent in battle, moving quickly to dash in and out of battle striking her opponents with multiple attacks and then evading their counters, adding but another death to the ever-growing body count she has built up

Mage - hailing from the top of a mage tower this powerful woman has learned to harness the magical ability that makes her a devastating combatant, able to perform powerful spells at short and long range she can also perform powerful area attacks and teleport around the battlefield to keep her opponents on their toes

Gunner - this handsome stranger as a mysterious past, but with his twin guns in hand his reputation as a Demon and Dragon slayer often precedes him, the guns themselves holding a bigger reputation than the man that wields them and it is said that to look upon the guns will spell your end


In Dragon’s Wrath there are a number of different features that players can participate in to earn XP, items and gold to further improve their characters:

World Bosses - during a small timeframe each day a World Boss appears that players can challenge with their teammates where they must work cooperatively to try and destroy the Boss to earn rich rewards. The more damage that players deal to the boss the rarer the items are that the player can earn.

War of Glory - this is a PVP elimination tournament where players can fight against each other after being randomly divided up into different groups, fighting amongst each other and being eliminated when they are defeated as the winners progress to the next stage.

Castle Siege - here players for teams and battle trying to occupy a Castle, groups plunder one another and fight each other trying to take over a Castle where they can earn points and trophies.


The game is completely free to play however players have the option of purchasing premium currency in the form of Diamonds using real-world cash which they can spend in the diamond shop that will give them access to new features and upgrades. Similarly players can simply purchase Cash Gifts using the Cash Gift Shop to give players in edge.


Web Browser


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