Freya arrives to Smite

Hi-Rez Studios has presented a new goddess for its MOBA stile game SMITE. Freya, one of the most important goddess in the Norse Mythology, known for its love and beauty; but her look can be deceiving as her abilities are set to pack quite the punch to enemies on the field of battle.

- Brisingamen’s Blessing (passive) - Convert 20% of her magical power to physical, allowing her basic attacks to gain in strength as her magical strength grows.
Irradiate (buff) - Increases the basic damage of her physical attacks to do magical damage.
Pulse (buff) - Adjusts her basic melee attacks to be ranged, and deal additional magical damage and slow by 25%.
- Banish - Allows Freya to banish her enemies into the air. The enemies cannot be hit or take action whilst in the air.
- Valkyrie’s Discretion (Ultimate) - Allows Freya to utilise her Cloak of Feathers to fly above the battlefield. She becomes invulnerable and can fire down blasts to devastate enemies below.

Source of information: press release of Hi-Rez Studios.

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