Forsaken World has received today its latest content update, Storms of War

Perfect World Entertainment Inc., has launched today Storms of War, the latest content update of the free-to-play MMORPG, Forsaken World.

All Forsaken World players, both seasoned and new, can now experience the new, extensive content that Storms of War has to offer.


Storms of War, available now to all Forsaken World players, features:

- Explore New Dungeons: Solve the enigmatic Gauntlet of Storms or stop the legendary Storm Legion Generals in the time-bending Aeon Spire.
- All Out War : The Immortal Rift provides players the ability to partake in epic battles of up to 100 vs. 100 players.
- Show Your Devotion: Be rewarded for Devotion and Dedication by participating in daily events, or simply by logging in on a daily basis.
- Gain Champion Gear: What's a legendary hero without his or her powerful gear? Find and collect new, mighty sets of armor and weapons.

"We're excited to bring Forsaken World fans this much-anticipated update," said Clifton Chu, Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. "Storms of War delivers new items and quests, new dungeons to explore, and the exciting 100 vs. 100 PvP guild war for experienced players. There's something for everyone -- plenty of treats and even a few surprises."

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