Flyff Launching a New Expansion This August


Flyff (Fly For Fun) will release 'Turning Point Part 1', a new expansion, in Europe and America on August 16th. Additionally, Webzen has announced that the long-awaited merges for both the German and American servers will take place after the expansion release.

Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, commented: "Today is a good day for our Western FLYFF communities and all of us at WEBZEN!" He continued: "Not only are we able to please our communities with confirmation of the release date for FLYFF's latest expansion, Turning Point Part 1, but we are also able to address and meet one of the most popular FLYFF community requests: server merges. While we can't confirm the exact date of the server merges just yet, we want to share that we are aiming to implement them very soon after the expansion release!"

Stay tuned for more information.

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