First Season of Nosgoth Launching on October 1

We have just known that Nosgoth will be launching its first season on October 1, giving players the opportunity to compete for a top prize of $1,000 during each monthly season by participating in Ranked Matches. Prizes will be awarded to all players who finish a season in Bronze tier or above, with the top 100 players (globally) each month receiving a cash reward.

See a full breakdown of the monthly cash prize pool and the rewards for Season 1 on the images below:

prize_pool_season_1 rewards_season_1

We’d like to thank the Nosgoth community for their continued support through the Alpha and Beta phases of Leagues and are really excited to be able to reward our most loyal and skilful players for their dedication, giving them something back for their efforts and commitment. We hope this is simply the beginning of Nosgoth as a rewarding competitive gaming experience, one which will continue to evolve as and how our community sees fit,” said Square Enix Marketing and PR Manager Grant Tasker.

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Source: Square Enix Press Release.

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