First PvE Content Expansion for HEX


HEX: Shards of Fate is about to receive its first content update. The Frost Ring Arena -that's the name of the new content- will introduce a single player campaign with over 30 different AI opponents, new PvE cards and it will also expand the card interface for easier overview of decks. Now the interface will offer additional areas for players to put together their PvE and PvP Decks.

The new PvE cards will be exclusive to fight against the AI and will differ in the way they work from the regular PvP troops and spells. Certain cards, for instance, earn a higher damage value with each victorious duel.


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The Frost Ring Arena is divided into four wings, each consisting of four regular opponents and one boss. To guarantee replayability, the adversaries are randomly chosen at each start from a pool of a total 30 normal AIs and 7 bosses. In addition, the duels against the AI opponents differ in their composition from the previously seen PvP bouts, in such that certain creatures make exclusive use of cards of a specific category, for instance, or draw heavily on countermagic.

If a player loses three rounds in the ring, the attempt to run the arena is a failure. Depending on how far the player has managed to progress, they will receive rewards in the form of rare items, cards and gold.

Gameforge has released a trailer offering a preview of the upcoming content, which you can watch right here:


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