First Look at MyDream Alpha with Commentary


Check out our video where we take a look at the new voxel based sandbox construction adventure MMO MyDream developed by the similarly named MyDream Software Inc. This new Minecraft-esque builder RPG has currently reached its Kickstarter crowd funding goal and has launched into Alpha testing.

We take a quick walk through the tutorial mode in our video and have a look at our own world as we start to play around with some of the tool to make some early constructions. Whilst our humble cave dwelling won’t blow your minds, already people are making some huge and impressive creations. Watch the video now to find out how we got on.

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One Comment - "First Look at MyDream Alpha with Commentary"

  1. Ramon October 8, 2014 at 9:50 PM -

    una, you must download pach and the put the patch in sellinaone folder there is 2 sellinaone folders when you got the game client and the pach, browse and you will find the map named sellinaoneUSA put patch in there and game will start

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