Felspire Launches Tomorrow

The Closed Beta of Felspire has come to an end and the game is getting ready for release. The game is going to be launched tomorrow, Friday August 7th, at 9AM EDT and to celebrate it 37Games has published a brand-new gameplay trailer so you can watch what to expect.

In Felspire, players are able to choose between three classes, and each class can be advanced four times, resulting in fifteen different specifications. Each player will have a set of active and passive abilities which can be upgraded with skill points and special tomes that can be acquired throughout the journey.

It features an auto-questing system (which can be turned on or off) that gives players the option to skip what they don't like, allowing them to automatically slay monsters, collect loot or sell items from the bag.

Source: 37Games Press Release.

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    Wow I must confess you make some very trahcnent points.

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