F2PMeter: Is Secret World Legends Truly Free to Play?

F2PMeter: Is Secret World Legends Truly Free to Play?

In Secret World Legends players become part of an underground network of agents that protect the modern day world from unknown dangers. Whether those monsters thought fairytales and myths, paranormal threats or alien enemies, the collective rival organizations of The Templars, The Dragons and The Illuminati seek to destroy them.

The game rebooted from The Secret World to Secret World Legends and with that brought a variety of changes and updates, including a new free to play model. So let’s put the game through our F2P Meter and find out indeed how free to play the game is.
Does the game require an initial purchase?


You are not required to purchase the game to play.
Does the game require any continued paid subscription?

'No (but...)' takes away 15%

The game offers an optional Patron subscription that can be purchased to gain additional perks and bonuses, but it is not required to play the game.
Does the game require spending money on DLC packs or expansions?


The game provides all content, updates and expansions for free through their patches.
Does the game support micro-transactions? Can anything be purchased in-game using real world money?

'Yes' takes away 5%

The main premium currency is Aurum that can be purchased with cash and either used to buy various exclusive convenience or vanity items, or traded in The Exchange into Marks of Favor that are another currency used in game. Marks of Favor can be earned through playing the game and completing set quests and tasks and can then be spent or traded in the Exchange to convert them into the premium Aurum currency.
Do any of the micro-transactions give players an advantages?

'Yes (but...)' takes away 10%

The main advantage is convenience and ease of access to practically any item, though items are still locked by various requirements such as level. Providing these requirements are met players can directly buy game currency so can effectively buy any item they want.
Is the user interface customization restricted to paid options?


The UI customization isn't restricted.
Does the game give access to all available classes and/or races?


Yes, however the game only allows one character per account as standard and players need to purchase additional character slots.
Does the game require have limitations to how the 'Auction House' /Market/Trade system is accessed?


There are no limitations on trading.
Are personal inventory and/or bank slots limited at all?

'Yes' takes away 10%

There are various convenience limitations such as inventory slots, weapon pages and character slots, which must be purchased separately.
Are all dungeons and zones accessible without purchases?


All content can be accessed for free.
Does the game restrict high endgame content (PVE, Raids or PvP)?


There are no end-game/high level restrictions that can be unlocked with payment.
Can the game be fully enjoyed without ever having to spend a ‘penny’?

'Yes' adds 10%

The game has plenty of solo and group based content that can be enjoyed without spending any money, ranging from full access to quests, PVP, exploration and more. All stat based items in the game can be earned through gameplay and by using The Exchange all premium items are accessible by trading in Marks.

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2 Comments - "F2PMeter: Is Secret World Legends Truly Free to Play?"

  1. Davey October 12, 2017 at 1:02 PM -

    Does the game require any continued paid subscription?

    No. The keyword here is “require”.

    Is the user interface customization restricted to paid options?

    The UI cannot be customized.

    Yes it can. How long did you actually play the game for?

  2. mizu November 14, 2017 at 9:25 PM -

    Please more f2pMeter for all new games!!!

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