Exclusive press tour of The Lost Shores, Guild Wars 2 upcoming update

Thanks to ArenaNet we got the chance to play the upcoming content for Guild Wars 2, The Lost Shores, that arrives with new dungeons, new areas, mobs, events, crafting update and new items. To sum it all up, it was amazing, now we’ll into more detail.

ArenaNet keep its promise to GW2 fans, which was releasing high quality content periodically so players can keep playing fresh content, it’s a good point to remember that Guild Wars 2 has no monthly fee so they trust players will support them by purchasing items in the in-game shop which is something you are not forced to do since you have access to the full content of the game after purchasing it. So yeah, they kept the promise, and in a great way, there is this new criatures called Karka who will give players something tough to fight against, they will be introduced with a great events chain that will take place during this very weekend only, players will be sidekicked to 80 if needed so everybody can enjoy them, but after that players will have access to the without the boost and the presentation events, of course there will be plenty of events to run, just not this exclusive ones.

Karka will attack Lion’s Arch, and players will have to defend it and find a way to fight back and which will take them to a new area, an island full of them among with other mobs and npc, despite of that, since Karka has been introduced into the Guild wars lore, players can expect finding them everywhere since then.

Another great content implemented here is the new PvP map called the Temple of the Silent Storm, as our personal opinion and dev’s it’s the best PvP map so far, but players will decide it so, it has several ways to get to spots so you can take shortcuts, or walk around stalking your enemies, and take the battle for capturing points to a whole new dimension, on the other hand there are some boons in the shape of runes, that will grant your team big benefits usually related to increased points earning rates. So you don’t have to get the 3 spots to win, you can get the rune that will grant you more points per kill so you can slaughter your enemies and win. We had a lot of fun playing this map, with all those stairs and cliffs and runes, you will love it.

Last thing we put our hands on was the new Fractal of the mists endless dungeon, in which you get to play 3 random small instances and a final one which is always the same. The point is that those random instances are chosen between a long list of them, and even if you get to play the same any other day, it won’t be the same, map changes, bosses change, and there are a lot of random stuff in them so they guarantee a ton of hours of fun, you will find that as usual in Guild Wars 2, everything is tied to player skill instead of overpowered characters, so most of this mini-dungeons will have traps, puzzles and a lot of cool stuff, being its graphics gorgeous as we’re used to in this title.

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