Exclusive Gameplay Commentary on Infinite Crisis


Set in the DC Multiverse, Infinite Crisis is the new MOBA from Turbine that pits heroes and villains of the comics against each other (though even putting them on the same team). Players may choose from an all-star cast of DC characters, ranging from Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, and Flash to Batman and more, each with their own unique style of play.

Currently in beta, the game is made up of two different maps: Gotham Heights and Coast City. Unlike other popular MOBA games the objective doesn't consist of fighting into the enemies' base, but over the same capture points, taking, defending and re-taking them as you earn points that ultimately will destroy the enemy team's Power Core. Different maps have a unique quality about them that change the dynamic of the map itself, set off the Doomsday device in Coastal City or power up the Orbital Cannon in Gotham Heights.

You can unlock new characters and costumes through playing or paying with premium currency. While the majority of the most beloved characters are limited to those who have the time or money, a few select characters are available to play for free.

Check out our fight as we tackled Gotham Heights as Doomsday, the charging, smashing, car flipping monstrosity. Did we find victory in battle? Or were we as weakened as Superman after a kryptonite boot to the unmentionables? Watch the video and let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

If you're now feeling like giving this MMO a try yourself, then grab your beta key for Infinite Crisis right here in our ongoing giveaway!

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