Everlight, free items giveaway

Today we teamed up with KoramGame to offer you an exclusive free items giveaway for Everlight which will give players an even better start to their Everlight quest.

Everlight takes place in an ancient fantasy world where lost civilizations, myths and legends aren’t hearsay, but an everyday reality. Choose from 4 unique classes – Mage, Oracle, Warrior or Ranger – and hack and slash your way through the lost city of Atlantis to unravel the truth behind your lineage.

Not only will these codes work in Server 1, but they’ll also work on all future servers too! So grab your code and start your Everlight adventure with this exclusive Privilege Pack!

Media Pack Contents:
Basic HP Orb *1
Basic MP Orb *1
Flying Shoes *5
Blessing Orb *1
Expansion Charm *2
Attack Potion (Lv2) *1
Crit-strike Potion (Lv2) *1

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Login to Everlight and create your character on the game's official site.

Step 3. Click the “Pack” icon at the top-right of the game interface

Step 4. Turn to next page to find the “Media Card” option

Step 5. Input the correct code, and click the "Exchange"

Step 6. Open your bag, and you will find your Free Gifts!


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