Eternal Saga enters open beta

Reality Squared Games (R2Games) has just announced the beginning of Eternal Saga's open beta. Starting at 10:00 AM EDT, players can participate in this new free-to-play fantasy-themed browser MMORPG.

Set in a world struggling against a demon invasion, players are tasked to return peace and serenity. Throughout their journey, they will develop a powerful set of skills, lead the charge in epic guild battles, and raise pets that, if trained well, will fight faithfully by their side. There's moreover the possibility to challenge other players in the arena, transform yourself into a beast and fight in Legion Wars, or join a guild and bring it to the top of the rankings.

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Additionally, a huge variety of daily activities awaits players to level up their characters and earn cool items. They may fight in single or multiplayer dungeons, battle the cute yet deadly stars of Star Shrine or go fishing. If they prefer a little less action, there’s even a dedicated AFK map for VIP players.

Mounts in Eternal Saga are also quite unique; the paper airplane, for example, can be fed with old equipment to grow in strength. And after a long, hard day, players can hang out in their beach chair on the Amour Shore, earning EXP and Wisdom as they relax with friends.

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Source of information: R2Games press release.

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  1. chopper July 20, 2013 at 1:34 PM -

    those pictures aren’t Eternal Saga screenshots… it’s from another R2Games’s game, Yitien Chronicles…

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