En Masse Announces Battleplans


En Masse Entertainment will publish this spring Battleplans, a new free to play cross-platform RTS game for PC and mobile devices with a unique twist on the genre. The game, developed by C4M, features intuitive controls and two different phases, separating battle decisions from planning decisions.

“Battleplans is a great strategy game for players interested in actually controlling the units they send into combat. It provides engaging gameplay but isn’t bogged down by micromanagement,” said Chris Lee, En Masse CEO. “From the first time you play, Battleplans is a joy to pick up and learn. Winning strategies come down to anticipating opponent’s plans, then outsmarting them.”

In Battleplans players will lead attacks on territories controlled by NPCs or players and then devise defense strategies to maintain control of those conquered holdings when attacked. Players will be able to study replays of the battles to help them later refine their defense plans.


Battleplans announcement screenshots f2p 1 Battleplans announcement screenshots f2p 2 Battleplans announcement screenshots f2p 3 Battleplans announcement screenshots f2p 4

Sign up for the Closed Beta on PC is now available. And the release is scheduled for later this spring.

“We’ve only been working with En Masse for a few short months, but it already feels like they have always been there with us,” said C4M CEO Mathieu Castelli. “We’re all huge RTS players here at C4M, and we’ve put our hearts and souls into creating a game that can introduce a new generation to this wonderful genre we love so much. En Masse Entertainment’s track record of building vibrant gaming communities was a natural fit for helping us attain that goal.”

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