E3 2014 Coverage: Exclusive Look at BattleCry


BattleCry is a new free to play multiplayer fighting action game that is currently in pre-alpha, set to be released in 2015, and we took a look at it during E3. The game takes its cues from real-world organisations and pits them against each other and fast and furious combat. For the demonstration we were shown examples of the various factions and classes that would be available, though more information on each will be released on the approach to beta.

There are three distinct factions, each of which has their own unique look, style of play, animations and more to define the faction and give them an individuality. The Royal Marines represent the majesty and discipline of the British Empire whereas the Cossack Empire shows off their courage and ferocity. As well as a unique look and feel to each faction players are also able to individually customise their characters to give them a personal customisation as well.


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We were given a highlight of the five primary Warrior classes in the game, each class having three unique abilities that define them that are on a cool down timer so players time them to get the best advantage possible. Each character has one of two primary attacks on the left and right mouse buttons, the Enforcer is a powerful tank type character with a huge sword that they make massive sword attacks with or alternatively they are able to transform their sword into a shield to gain defensive abilities and block attacks. The Duellist uses a cloaking ability to allow her to get behind the enemy lines and strike where the enemy least expect it and can either perform quick slashes with the left attack or a lunge at her targets to close the gap between them and inflict damage. The Tec-Archer is the first range class who uses a tech bow to release volleys of arrows, able to throw daggers at short range or use the right mouse click to charge their bow for a more powerful attack.

The other two classes that we saw less of books would be released en route to beta were at the Gadgeteer who uses a powerful magnetic gun and can lock down an area making them an ideal support class and the Brawler who comes equipped with huge mechanical arms and is able to deal punishing up close in melee damage.

Combat is fast, furious and fun, players are able to Dodge and sprint around the map and traverse huge distances using teleporters to get around. Combat is extremely engaging and comes with an additional Adrenaline System where players build up adrenaline by performing key actions for their class and can build up their Adrenaline Bar, this adrenaline can be spent to boost their normal attacks or stored up until the bar is full to release an ultimate ability.

There will be multiple maps and game modes when the game goes live, the Alpha build demo showing a Team Deathmatch game on a map called ”Fracture”, demonstrating a 16 player match however the final game will support 32 players in a game. There is also the unique “war effort” mode which is a persistent game where players can watch the tide of battle moved back and forth over the course of a week and actively participate in the game by attacking and seizing territory and being rewarded for their efforts at the end of the week.

One of the other interesting features in the game is how the developers intend to build community relationships where at the end of the game those players that did well are flagged up and players are able to congratulate each other by saluting or awarding each other medals. Also at the end of the game a newspaper rolls onto the screen celebrating those characters that performed well in the battle.

We will publish a detailed profile of this title very soon, so stay tuned!


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