E3 2014 Coverage: Armored Warfare PvE Co-op Modes


This past days, at E3, we were able to get the chance to sit down and play Armored Warfare, the new third person tank-based MMO from Obsidian Entertainment. For the demonstration we were taken into one of the PvE based Co-op modes where we would be playing alongside other players to complete some challenging objectives going up against AI (as opposed to the PVP focused 15 vs 15 battles that are also available).

The PvE missions focus around players gaining a primary objective to complete as well as secondary objectives for the team to gain extra bonus points and extra credit, as well as each individual player having a personal objective depending on the vehicle/role their chosen for the battle encouraging players to stick within their roles.

The primary objective we were given was to be reach an oil refinery, which meant crossing over a bridge and heading straight into enemy forces, as a secondary objective a train would be arriving on the map to resupply enemy troops but would be stopping at the refuel point for a set amount of time giving us bonus points if we were able to destroy the fuel storage tanks before the train departed.

Armored Warfare screenshot (9) Armored Warfare screenshot (8) Armored Warfare screenshot (7) Armored Warfare screenshot (6)

In the battle we were able to check out the three different vehicle types/roles that will be available in the game, which was the primary purpose of the E3 reveal: MBT, Artillery and Recon. Each role fills a different purpose in the game and plays completely differently, making it fit for a particular purpose.

The MBT is a typical run and gun type vehicle, heavy hitting, heavily armoured but slow when trying to move, the tank is also a much bigger target than the other vehicles and so as often as not can be easily hit if the player doesn’t utilise their surroundings taking cover and being more aware of strike points being vulnerable and pointing out behind walls. On display were a British and German main battle tank, both of which are still in service today showing that the game is trying to recreate with accuracy vehicles available.

Armored Warfare screenshot (5) Armored Warfare screenshot (4) Armored Warfare screenshot (3) Armored Warfare screenshot (10)

The Artillery acts like a commander and is given a top-down overview of the map to see enemy positions and your allies and utilises an arc of fire type attack (in comparison to the tanks ricochet fire that can occur). Artillery is extremely slow-moving and has very little armour making it a sitting duck if not positioned well defended by other players, meaning as often as not the Artillery sits at the back of the army sniping targets at long range and only pushes forward as the battle moves along the map.

The Recon is your classic scout, fast-moving and mobile it is responsible for seeking out enemies and acts as the eyes of the battlefield, targeting opponents for the heavier tanks. What’s not as heavily armoured as their main battle tank allies the Recon, as with the other vehicles, has some versatile options and can either act as a fast and lightweight scout or even equip itself with heavy gun turret making it a Tank Destroyer and trading out its tracks for tyres to get in and out of combat quickly.

Quite fun if you like tanks. Soon enough we'll be publishing a detailed profile for this game, so stay tuned!


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