Duel of Champions, In-Depth Video Review


Join us as we delve into the world of Might & Magic in the newest iteration of the franchise Duel of Champions, the digital trading card game from Ubisoft that is pretty much an online equivalent of the physical game only as it is free to play you don’t have to spend all your pocket money on cards like you do with the real thing.

For those unfamiliar with the game mechanics of a TCG like Might & Magic then in our video we break down everything you will need to know in our extensive in-depth review of the game. Get a look at all the features, information about the various decks and watch us as we play a game against the enemy AI. Check the video to find out if we won or were humiliatingly defeated.

In the game two players with their chosen faction hero go head-to-head in one-on-one duels using their decks built up of creatures, spells and fortunes to try and bring their opponent to their knees. Using the battle arena players take it in turns to place their cards from their library, though which cards will come up is always completely random, and use shifting tactics and strategy to outwit and outplay their opponents.

Take a look as we show the basics of building up a new deck as well as taking a look at our own already built up Inferno deck, as we break down the heroes, creatures, spell and fortune cards to show you in depth how the game works and what can make and break a players’ deck.

Find out about wildcards and the newly implemented Alter of Wishes feature and see it in practice as we purchase some new cards to help improve our deck, also take an exclusive look as we open up some newly bought packs to see what new cards we managed to add to our collection.

If you like the idea of a trading card game, or even if you’ve never really considered one, we would definitely recommend Might & Magic: Duels of Champions.

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