Dragonica latest expansion, New Origin: Rise of Drakan will go live today

Gala Networks Europe has announced that the New Origin: Rise of Drakan expansion for Dragonica will go live this afternoon.

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New Origin will see the implementation of a whole new race, the Dragonkin that will receive both new classes, Shaman and Amazonian, this race is unlocked once players reach level 20 with any character. The riding pets will also be made available for players, either from the Pet merchant in game or as a drop from one of the dungeons.

New Origin also brings the implementation of Kareuza, a beautiful Drakan town. Kareuza is only one of the many maps which have been added, others include the addition of two brand new high level dungeons for Level 45 and Level 75 and a reshaping of the world continents. Lastly, there will be a great number of functional updates to the elite monster, chat system and the party search function.

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