Dragon Saga is going to receive a massive content update

Gravity Interactive is going to release a massive content update that will progress throughout the year for their mystical MMORPG, Dragon Saga.

The players have the ability to undertake any of 34 classes across 6 base jobs while enjoying an all new amazing graphics update.

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Here's just a small sample of the many upgrades Dragon Saga will be receiving during the Legendary Update:

Updated Graphics - Since its launch in 2010, designers have worked hard to give the world of Dragon Saga a sleeker look without losing its anime-style charm. Now their efforts are ready to be shared with the world, as improvements from backdrops to characters, weapon and armor detail and much more will allow players to be drawn deeper into a mystical world.

Dungeon Drop Overhaul - In response to the feedback from our community, Dungeons and their item drops have been improved to provide a better play experience for everyone! Players will immediately notice changes in their gear, such as level requirement changes, stat distribution corrected, or pre-requisites added or deleted.

Chain Combo Skills - No more boring attack buttons! New Chain Combo skills bring Dragon Saga's combat system closer, than ever before, to that of an arcade fighting game. Normal attack buttons can be chained into high damage skills. This new system offers a new way for players to show off their gaming skills.

Mini-Map Improvements - Finding what you need in towns has never been so easy! Now important NPCs are marked with icons, so finding who you'll need to speak to has never been so easy. Map improvements will continue to be a focus for the Dragon Saga team.

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"Dragon Saga is a game with infinite amounts of untapped potential, and we're excited to be unveiling the new Legendary update!" said Vince Kim, Dragon Saga Producer at Gravity Interactive. "Overall, players will see changes and improvements that will fall under a dozen different categories. We're revealing just four of them today, and you'll hear more about the others in the future as the new content and updates continue throughout the summer."

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